Y29 Westward Ho enjoyed a visit on Lake Champlain from Y19 Dawn’s Cleveland owners Charlie Steigerwald and his daughter Betsy Yingling last week. Two families each with a Yankee for generations.

What fun for two families to meet who have both owned Yankees for over half a century! The Steigerwalds began sailing Y19 Dawn in Cleveland in the 1950s. They recently visited the Pages in Vermont who have sailed Y29 Westward Ho on Lake Champlain since 1960.

Charlie Steigerwald, his daughter Betsy Yingling, and third generation Johannes Page traded stories aboard the Westward Ho.

Imagine how many wonderful days the families have spent on the water for over 130 years combined in a boat that is such a joy to sail, low and close to the water, quick to heal over and accelerate, slicing smoothly through the water with only a light touch in the balanced helm.

Reflect, too, on how many frames, floors and garboards have been replaced and gallons of paint and varnish brushed on.

Each generation stewards the boat and hopes the next one will take over when the time comes.