Some people say you shouldn’t build the 13th hull in a one-design class, but the Yankees have two!

Boats Y8 through Y15 were built at the Quincy Adams boatyard in 1940 as the original Beverly Yacht Club fleet, but Y13 was holed and sank in a hurricane while still in the care of the yard.

SEABO II, Cape Cod Crossing. Owner John E. Burns Jr. and his brother Paul.

Y1 YANKEE, 1937. The forward sections of the cockpit seats are shown folded down, which allows the racing crew to stand at the deckhouse winches.

Y1 YANKEE can easily be identified in photos because it was the only boat in the class with an oval mast, a round boom, and a wooden bow chock.

Boat Stats

  • year built: 1937
  • builder: Britt Brothers Boatyard
  • condition: retired