Y19 Dawn

Charlie Steigerwald owned Dawn in the 1950’s and then 32 years later reacquired and restored his boat.

About Y19 Dawn

My dad, Charlie Steigerwald, bought the boat and brought it to CYC in the 50’s. He sold it in 1965 to my uncle, Bob Sessions, because we moved to Columbus. After the fleet at CYC died, my uncle sold it, but it always stayed in the Cleveland area, and my dad knew who owned it. I moved back to Cleveland in 1989, and my parents moved back here in 1992, and my dad always kept track of where Dawn was. Finally it was pretty much going to rot, and in about 1994 or 1995 my dad bought it back, and spent several years rebuilding the entire boat, which meant replacing a LOT of rotten wood, new deck, etc. He had a lot of help rebuilding from his buddy Jack Haflinger, who used to own Summer Girl.

My father, Charlie Steigerwald bought the boat and brought it to CYC in the 50’s. Dawn went back in the water since around 1997, looking pretty much like she ever did, although my Charlie added a few conveniences like a furling jib and a “dutchman” furling system for the main, since he does a lot of single-handed sailing.

– Betsy Steigerwald Yingling

Recent photos

After about a 5-year hiatus out of the water, Dawn returned to Lake Erie in the summer of 2013.

Recent photos

After about a 5-year hiatus out of the water, Dawn returned to Lake Erie in the summer of 2013.

These five photos of Dawn sailing were taken by a local (Cleveland) professional photographer, Dave Mathias. He was out taking pictures of a Friday night race that Betsy was competing in, and John and a couple of friends were out on Dawn, spectating. It was a gorgeous night, with perfect sailing conditions, and Dave got some great photos. (left)


 A trip to the Sandusky Boat Rendezvous

Owner Charlie Steigerwald and friend Jack Haflinger (former owner of Summer Girl) sailed the boat to Sandusky, Ohio, about a 50-mile trip each way, and slept aboard for the entire 5-day trip.

You can see that at this point, we have a new main, but no roller furling jib yet.

In the boat are Charlie Steigerwald and Jack Haflinger, and on the dock are Betsy, her children, Ellen Haflinger and Jane Steigerwald.

On the way home from the Rendezvous, they are sailing with the original spinnaker.


The first year Dawn was back in the water

A fun sail with friends Tom and Jennifer Rocks, my kids Charlie and Joy, and me.

Waving from the cockpit: Tom Rocks and my dad, Charlie Steigerwald.

The boat looks pretty good, but those sails have got to go!


restoration photos

This series was taken in September, just after dad bought the boat (again).

Arriving on the trailer… this is what she looked like before the restoration (of course all the rot doesn’t show up in photos!)

That’s Betsy’s son Charlie in the cockpit.

Dad still has the doors to the cabin, but never put them back on the boat, as they just tend to get in the way.

Looking aft. You can see the round glass by Charlie’s feet where the original compass is still mounted. I was interested to see that Venture has a bulkhead to make a stern lazarette. Dawn does not, and as far as I know she never did. The open area behind the tiller makes a convenient spot to store the swim ladder, or coolers, or other large items.

Inside the cabin. The original head was long gone, but you can still see the valves that dumped the contents directly into the lake. Pretty much all the ribs and floors below the waterline were rotten, and have been replaced.

2012 – 2013

Recent work

Most of the focus for the year was getting the bottom prepared, especially after 5 years of indoor storage, which really tends to dry the wood out.

In the winter of 2012 – 2013 we did a complete repaint of the topsides, taking her down to wood and refinishing with 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint, which will hopefully last for a good number of years. Luckily it was a long winter, which also gave us time to put on a new coat of bottom paint, deck paint, and of course varnish.

Y19 Dawn

boat stats

home port:
CYC (Cleveland Yacht Club)
Charlie Steigerwald and Betsy Steigerwald Yingling
Iwanna (circa 1949, 1950
Excellent Condition